National Digital Learning Resources Network

The National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) is a technical infrastructure that connects Australian schools to enable the distribution and sharing of digital resources through education portals. The Network is the outcome of initiatives of the Australian Government and the state and territory governments.

The digital student resources and teacher support materials are aligned to the Australian, state and territory curriculums and are available through state and territory education portals and the national portal Scootle. All resources are provided free of charge to all Australian teachers and students.

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New digital curriculum resources

  • How times change
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    How times change TLF ID M012584

    This teacher resource focusses on change over time. It incorporates videos showing changes at school and interviews about the past, timelines indicating how people change, and slideshows presenting changes in technology, play and travel.

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  • Gapminder world
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    Gapminder world TLF ID M012534

    This interactive resource features an animated scatter plot displaying the development of over 200 countries between 1800 and 2011 based on data for two variables: income per person and life expectancy.

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  • NASA launchpad biomes
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    NASA launchpad biomes TLF ID M012015 | © NASA eClips

    In this resource students study the Earth as a system and discover how scientists use data to understand the Earth system. Students learn about the Earth's ecosystems, or biomes, through exploring the six spheres within the Earth system.

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  • Australian journeys: How can we use museum objects to understand Australia's connections to the world through migration journeys?
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    Australian journeys: How can we use museum objects to understand Australia's connections to the world through migration journeys? TLF ID M006874 | © National Museum of Australia

    In this unit of work students explore key objects and themes from the Australian Journeys gallery at the National Museum of Australia (NMA).

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