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Quality assurance

Key elements of the digital resource should be reviewed in an iterative process at each stage of development to ensure the resource is an effective learning tool. You need to check various aspects of the resource against the previously agreed specifications and relevant guidelines after each version is developed.

Resource checking

You should cover the following aspects of the resource in the review process:

  • educational soundness – are the learning objectives met? (it may be also be useful to conduct an in-school evaluation)
  • factual accuracy, editorial consistency and clarity
  • technical issues that could affect usability and accessibility
  • functional behaviour to ensure it is easy to use
  • metadata, for discoverability
  • a warning appears if the material includes the image, name or voice of an Indigenous person who may have passed away
  • copyright permissions and conditions of licences have been fulfilled.

As you plan and develop the digital resource, it is useful to establish set checkpoints in the review process to assess these considerations.

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