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Business principles for National Sharing of Digital Resources

The selection of digital resources to be shared should be governed by the following business principles to ensure they meet the Australian education sector needs. These principles have been established by jurisdictional representatives and approved by the Australian Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs Senior Officials Committee (AEEYSOC). 


The sharing of digital resources between jurisdictions enables a pathway to sustainable delivery of content into the national collection to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. 


  1. Content to support the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers will be the highest priority for sharing digital resources nationally. Other SCSEEC priorities, such as early childhood and careers education, will also be a focus.
  2. Content identified through inter-jurisdictional agreement will be a priority for sharing digital resources nationally.
  3. Statistics drawn from resource usage trends and content requests from users will inform priorities for procuring and processing shared resources, resource modification and/or retirement of existing resources. 

Intellectual property and copyright

  1. Digital resources contributed for national sharing will be cleared for use by all Australian jurisdictions and for higher education institutions delivering pre-service education.
  2. Digital resources contributed for national sharing will not incur ongoing copyright payments by jurisdictions.
  3. Where possible, digital resources contributed for national sharing will be cleared for universal public access through Creative Commons licenses. 

Quality assurance

  1. Digital resources shared in the national collection will meet the agreed national technical and accessibility standards and the Educational Value Standard1.
  2. Each contributing jurisdiction will warrant that the digital resources it contributes for national sharing meet the agreed national standards.
  3. Jurisdictions or their nominees will establish agreements about responsibility for the management of the content they share to ensure improvement, replacement or retirement of exisitng digital resources for contribution. This should occur on the basis of demand, teacher requests and usage.
  4. Jurisdictions, with support from Education Services Australia and other jurisdictions, will ensure that teacher-developed resources are quality assured and copyright cleared before they are offered for sharing nationally.  

Projects for sharing digital resources

  1. Jurisdictions, Education Services Australia, ACARA and AITSL can initiate projects to develop or acquire new digital resources for sharing.
  2. All jurisdictions will be invited to participate in projects to share digital resources on an equitable basis.
  3. Participants in projects to share digital resources will agree on the governance, deliverables, timelines, roles, responsibilities and financial or in-kind contributions.
  4. Participants in projects to share digital resources will determine if the resources developed or acquired through the project will be shared with non-contributing jurisdictions.
  5. Jurisdictions considering licensing or acquiring significant digital content collections or services will share their intentions with other jurisdictions so as to leverage greater cost benefit. 


 1. The Educational Value Standard developed in consultation with jurisdictions establishes benchmarks for evaluating the educational value of digital resources. It is underpinned by the principles of focus, integrity and relevance standards_for_digital_resources/tech,_access,_ed_reqs/technical,_accessibility_and_educational_req.html .

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