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Ready to Improve?

Improve is an online formative assessment tool available for your classroom. It was developed to meet a need in schools for an interactive learning system that teachers and students around Australia could use to support learning outcomes.

Improve creates individual learning paths for your students based on their success and confidence in answering test questions. You can choose from existing English and mathematics tests and quizzes or create your own.

Students join a class via your Improve teacher PIN code. They then use their own secret password to undertake the quiz or test you have prepared for them in a low-stakes fun environment. Next, Improve provides them with a report on their test results and with access to one or more activities based on their results and the level of confidence they indicated in their answers.

You can monitor the tests, quizzes and activities used by all your students. Once two test cycles are complete, you can check to see if your students' outcomes have improved.

How to access Improve

You can access Improve in two ways.

1. On the Improve home page, select Log in via Scootle.

2. From the Scootle menu bar, select Use Improve.

Teacher support

Teacher support videos, online help and a teacher guide are available on the Improve support page.  

For Helpdesk support, phone 1800 620 970 or email

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