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Australian Curriculum Connect

Australian Curriculum Connect is a project funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to develop a technical approach that will assist each government and non-government education authority to implement the Australian Curriculum. It is a technical framework for sharing, discovering and using digital curriculum resources in state and territory e-learning environments and in Scootle.

Education Services Australia is contracted by the Australian Government to manage Australian Curriculum Connect. The project will develop and trial tools and technologies to support curriculum-based learning. It will support school authorities to implement tools, technologies and the technical framework in a way that best suits local school systems, should the authorities choose to do so.

Australian Curriculum Connect uses a data locating and transmission technology that finds digital curriculum resources from various sources and makes them discoverable in a way that relates them to the Australian Curriculum.

The project is designed to:

  • advance curriculum-driven discovery of digital curriculum resources
  • deliver improved search results and ranking for digital curriculum resources
  • enable improved access to shared digital curriculum resources
  • support flexible implementation of the technical approach with tools and technologies available through local portals, virtual learning environments or Scootle.

Australian Curriculum Connect is supported by the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs; the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority; the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership; and the National Schools Interoperability Program.

My Place for Teachers

Education Services Australia in collaboration with Australian Children's Television Foundation has launched stage 2 of the education website My Place for Teachers. The website complements My Place (series 2) now running on ABC3.

The second series continues its adaptation of My Place, the children's book written by Nadia Wheatley and illustrated by Donna Rawlins. This time the story starts in 1878, travelling back through each decade of Australia's history and ends with two 'Before Time' episodes that go further than the book's 1788. Each story is told by the child who lived in the same place. The two series include all the children from the book and three new characters, Dan (1788), Waruwi (1788) and Bunda (Before Time) are introduced in series 2.

My Place for Teachers contains an exciting range of educational materials designed to support teachers in exploring issues and contexts presented in My Place, both the book and TV series.

My Place for Teachers now covers both series 1 and 2. Some of the things to look out for are:

  • 39 new clips from series 2
  • 156 new English and history teaching activities that use the clips as a jumping-off point for classroom learning
  • 12 new decade timeline entries with new photographic content
  • 40 existing digital curriculum resources relicensed for use on the site
  • more than 400 new stills from the show
  • new content for Behind the scenes.

 DataGenie awarded best website by AGTA

DataGenie – a tool that lets students visualise, interactively explore, question and analyse data – has won the 2010 biennial Australian Geography Teachers' Association (AGTA) award for best website. The award recognises DataGenie's currency and authenticity, its application of contemporary understandings about how students learn, and its use of cutting-edge production techniques and innovative styles in supporting geographical education in Australian schools.

The DataGenie project, in partnership with Education Services Australia, Space-Time Research and Tourism Australia, allows online, real-time exploration of the comprehensive dataset from Tourism Research Australia's survey of international visitors to Australia over the past ten years.

Exploring the tourism dataset

Using DataGenie, students can interactively explore, query and analyse authentic data about international tourism to Australia through different types of tables, charts, graphs, maps and innovative animations, and then draw their own conclusions and judgements about the data. Education Services Australia has also provided teacher resources for geography and mathematics. The tool will be a valuable resource to support the new Australian Curriculum.

Search for 'DataGenie' in your jurisdiction's gateway to access all available datasets.

Speaking from Experience: new health resources for students and teachers

A new collection of online health resources is now available for students and teachers. Speaking from Experience is a set of digital video clips documenting Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people's experiences of living with a chronic illness or caring for someone with one. The young people speak openly about their day-to-day challenges and coping strategies, as well as the impact on their families. The clips are supported by downloadable worksheets and guidelines on how they can be used.

Accessing the resources: two options

Teachers across Australia can access Speaking from Experience video clips by searching for 'Speaking from Experience' in their education authority's portal. Alternatively, students and teachers can get full access by registering directly at the RealTime Health website.

My Place television series and teaching resources

My Place for Teachers is an exciting source of rich educational materials designed to support teachers in exploring issues and contexts presented in My Place.

Based on the children's book My Place by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, along with the recently launched television series, the My Place for Teachers interactive website provides resources to engage and motivate students as well as a forum to support collaboration between teachers.

On the My Place for Teachers website, teachers will find:

  • an Australian history timeline that highlights events in each decade
  • 39 downloadable clips from the television series
  • teaching and learning activities that relate to the Australian Curriculum areas of English and history for middle and upper primary, extending to lower secondary year levels
  • three main themes and 22 sub-themes where teachers can search for relevant resources to support their individual teaching programs
  • 'Our place', an interactive forum where teachers can share their strategies for using My Place for Teachers in the classroom and can upload their students' stories.

Since 1988, thousands of Australian teachers have used the My Place book to support the teaching of English and Australian history. The My Place for Teachers interactive website extends and enlivens the teaching potential of this brilliant resource. Explore the teaching resources on the website.

The Learning Federation contributes to the Curriki community

The Learning Federation is pleased to partner with the Global Education and Learning Community by contributing 100 digital curriculum resources to the Curriki community of online educators, learners and education experts.

Curriki is an online environment supporting the development and distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. The educational content on Curriki includes more than 32,000 high-quality lessons, units, assessments and multimedia learning objects for years F to12. The resources on Curriki are contributed by teachers, universities, publishers and professional development organisations from around the world.

As a result of the collaboration, The Learning Federation's digital curriculum resources will be available to educators worldwide under a Creative Commons licence. The project will provide information about how the resources are used within an international context, and will be an opportunity to explore the licensing implications of sharing content under an open-licensing model.

Scootle wins 2009 Global Learning Impact Awards

Scootle has won a bronze award in overall competition and the 'best in category' award for digital learning content for the school sector at the 2009 Global Learning Impact Awards in Barcelona. The 'best in category' award recognises the quality of the digital curriculum resources published by The Learning Federation.

The Learning Impact Awards acknowledge the best use of technology worldwide to support learning. The finalists were reviewed by an expert panel of judges and by the attendees at the IMS Global Learning Consortium's annual Learning Impact conference and Summit on Global Learning Challenges. The entries were evaluated according to eight criteria, including improving access to learning, improving affordability of learning and improving quality of learning.

Learning on Screen Awards 2009

The australianscreen online website has been shortlisted in the General Audience Education – Web Delivery category for the Learning on Screen Awards 2009, hosted by the British Universities Film and Video Council. The category recognises material that is valuable for learning, formally and informally, on a range of online platforms.

australianscreen online provides free access to clips from a diverse collection of more than 1,300 feature films, documentaries, newsreels, short films, animations, television shows, Indigenous programs and home movies produced in Australia over the past 100 years.

The site is produced by the National Film and Sound Archive in partnership with Curriculum Corporation through The Learning Federation. Close to 1,000 clips have been selected for their specific educational value and are collected in an easy-to-use education page with associated teachers' notes.

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