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Metadata profile

A metadata profile describes digital content using a set of predefined attributes such as title, author, or educational objective.

There are many different metadata profiles in use worldwide. Education Services Australia distribution systems use the ANZ-LOM metadata application profile.

Describing a digital resource using the ANZ-LOM metadata application profile enables interoperability and helps users to access the resource across the education sector.

The ANZ-LOM profile facilitates national sharing, and ensures that:

  • the resource complies with international and national metadata standards that are compatible with the education sector
  • the learning value of the resource is optimised
  • authorities and vocabularies are implemented consistently accross collections
  • access, search, selection, use, trade and management of the resource are supported.

Download ANZ-LOM

ANZ-LOM Metadata Application Profile [CURRENT] (PDF, 420 KB)

Version 1.13 incorporates Corrigenda for 1484.12.1 LOM, and includes minor updates to References section.

Superseded versions

ANZ-LOM Metadata Applicatoin Profile v1.12 (PDF, 473 KB)

ANZ-LOM Metadata Applicatoin Profile v1.11 (PDF, 426 KB)

ANZ-LOM Metadata Application Profile v1.1 (PDF, 416 KB)

ANZ-LOM Metadata Application Profile v1.0 (PDF, 188 KB)



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