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Using digital resources

Education Services Australia  develops and licenses digital curriculum resources to support teaching and learning. The resources are available free of charge to all Australian schools.

Learning object iconInteractive resources combine still and moving images, text, audio and animation to provide interactive multimedia experiences for students. They engage, motivate and support the learning of concepts and skills in a range of curriculum areas from F to 12.
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Assessment objects are interactive resources that support formative assessment. When the student completes the assessment object, the teacher can read a report of their performance against the learning outcomes addressed.

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Resources from partner organisations have been sourced from leading Australian and New Zealand cultural and scientific institutions and private collections. These largely primary resource materials include: moving images from documentaries, feature films, newsreels and television programs; still images such as photographs, artworks, posters, maps, documents and cartoons; and sound files such as speeches, songs, radio broadcasts and interviews. Each resource comes with teachers' notes that provide educationally sound contextual information about the item.
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Collections bring together up to 30 interactive, assessment and other resources with similar themes and subthemes drawn from the curriculum.
Teacher resource iconTeacher ideas highlight ways that teachers use resources in their learning programs to inspire and challenge their students. Teacher ideas include links to the resources used in the lessons, and some also provide samples of student work and extra resources developed by the teacher.
Teacher resource iconUnits of work are sets of activities and worksheets for a range of curriculum areas.
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Open-ended tools such as Open explorer builder and Snappy enable teachers and students to create their own learning resources.
ICON_DatasetDatasets are collections of raw data sourced from leading Australian cultural and scientific institutions; they include historic, environmental and demographic data. Datasets support exploration of open-ended questions and analysis of real-world data in the classroom. Each set is available as a downloadable spreadsheet and many come with explanatory teaching notes from the source institution.


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